Why to study hospitality management?

Earning a degree in hospitality management prepares you for a wide variety of careers in different hospitality sectors, allows you to transform the industry with innovative ideas, and offers you exciting global opportunities. Over the next decade, the number of international tourists is expected to reach 1.8 billion. This means that hospitality professionals will be in high demand around the world. For example, LeighAnne McDonald, a Glion graduate, now manages a boutique hotel on the exclusive holiday island of Nantucket, while former student Martin Kubler has established his home in the exciting metropolis of Dubai.

Studying hospitality prepares you for exciting careers. What makes these races so exciting? They won't be mundane, you won't be sitting at a desk all day and every day will be different, so it's unlikely that you'll ever get into a routine. Since their job is not only to keep less experienced workers at bay, but also to keep the company running efficiently, managers in any field should always have at least a basic understanding of the economy that underpins their workplace. Hotel management students spend a lot of time learning the fundamentals of business accounting.

With them, they can discern what the profit margins of their workplace are, where they come from, and what needs to be done to keep them stable and secure. On the contrary, they must also know how to identify and minimize the company's increased expenses. Our campus is ideal for anyone interested in studying hotel management. We own the GCU Hotel and Canyon 49, a restaurant adjacent to the hotel.

We also own the golf course and the GCU clubhouse. All of these properties are open to the public and are staffed by GCU students. These facilities are an incredible asset to your learning experience, as you can see firsthand how a true hotel or golf course is managed efficiently and effectively. A typical bachelor's degree in this area includes business and hospitality courses that provide you with the basic knowledge needed to succeed upon graduation.

As global travel and tourism eliminate the impacts of COVID-19 (and experts predict a recovery to pre-pandemic levels by 2020), there will be new opportunities for entrepreneurs who have learned the codes of hospitality in order to break them. Of course, hotel management is still the main career option for someone with a background in hospitality. Beyond protecting the company's bottom line, a good graduate in hotel management must also know how to increase revenues by giving guests what they want. Therefore, there is an opportunity to use your hotel management skills almost anywhere in the world you choose.

GCU's Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management prepares you for a management position in the hospitality industry. To advance the global hospitality industry, it is worth studying in a very international environment, with a strong multicultural aspect for the student community. By demonstrating your hospitality skills, you'll advance to executive positions with more responsibilities. For this reason, hotel management programs place a lot of emphasis on food safety procedures, presentation standards, and other things that help graduates successfully manage this part of the business.

Study at one of the world's leading hotel business schools, transform with international students and graduate ready to revolutionize an industry. A hospitality management degree prepares you for a successful career with the potential to develop into a series of high-level positions. Because this industry is completely focused on working with other people, you can expect to complete a lot of practical experiences during your studies, which will undoubtedly help you in the long run. For example, if many hotel guests declare that the price of the night's accommodation is poor value for money, an insightful hospitality manager will know how to look for low-cost add-ons offered by local competitors in similar price ranges (such as free breakfast or Wi-Fi) to solve that problem.

In a hospitality career, it's often possible to earn a full-time income with full-time hours in a short work week. Although some people choose to study hospitality and tourism because of the many opportunities to travel, this is not always the case. . .

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