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Hotel management

focuses on the application of management principles in the field of hospitality. Nowadays, the career in hotel management is growing rapidly and has covered several fields, such as travel, tourism, hospitality industry, catering, cleaning and more. The hotel management course not only involves studies, but also gives the student the opportunity to work hands-on in various areas, such as administration, service, cleaning, catering, main office operation, and more.

Students can also learn more about sales and marketing, human resource management, hotel and restaurant law, financial management, property management and more through hospitality management. Different management concepts, such as leadership management, operations management, project management and business strategy. Entrepreneurship in hospitality, tourism and event management business strategy. Implementation of theories and strategies related to business.

B, Sc in Hospitality and Hospitality Management: 3 years Students who wish to study in the field of hospitality and the fields that compose it, such as event planning, customer service, reception management, accounting, sales and more, can choose B, Sc in Hospitality and Hospitality Management. For admission, students must complete their 10+2 grading exam and obtain a valid grade on the entrance exam. BBA in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - 3-year BBA in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism will allow students to have an advanced specialization in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry. Students can learn more about marketing, sales, travel planning, travel operation, vacation consulting, reception, cleaning and more through this 3-year course.

Admission is based on the entrance exam and students must have scored 10+2 with the minimum required grades. MBA in Hospitality Management: 2-year undergraduate students can apply for an MBA in Hospitality Management to hone their management, hospitality and restaurant skills. To secure jobs in the hospitality field, it will be beneficial for students to complete their MBA in Hospitality Management. For admission, students must be graduated in any field, but a BBA in Hospitality Management is preferred.

If students want to apply for a course that focuses on both hospitality and tourism, then M, Sc Tourism and Hospitality Management is the right choice. The two-year graduate course aims to provide students with an in-depth insight into the field of tourism, in addition to providing them with the skills necessary for management, customer service and domain sustainability. Students who do not come from management or hospitality, but who wish to develop a career in this field can opt for the MBA in Hospitality. This two-year graduate course will help students hone their attendance, delegate and service skills.

For this course, students can be from any field during their undergraduate studies. Specializations offered by undergraduate hospitality management courses: You must have scored the 10+2nd exam from a recognized board. For hotel management, there are several courses in undergraduate and graduate programs. Students can apply for the course of their choice based on their preferences and eligibility.

Admission to hotel management courses is mainly through entrance exams. If any of the students do not meet the eligibility criteria, they will not be able to participate in the admissions procedure. Listed below are the courses offered in Hotel Management and their eligibility criteria. It should be noted that the eligibility criteria may vary depending on the institution and the entrance exam they are applying for.

Bachelor in Hospitality and Hospitality Management You should have studied English as one of the subjects in 10+2 BBA in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism students can be of any background, but Business is preferred. Preference will be given to students with a minimum of two years of work experience. You must have earned a minimum grade of 50% on a bachelor's degree from a recognized university. Some institutes will accept students who come from courses other than hotel administration if they have enrolled in a 3-month bridge course before starting their master's degree.

Preference will be given to students with a minimum of two years of experience. NCHMCT JEE: The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the NCHMCT JEE, which is a national-level exam for admission to hospitality courses. The entrance exam is conducted in computerized mode and qualified students can gain admission to top-level institutes. GNIHM JET - The Guru Nanak Hotel Management Institute (GNIHM) directs GNIHM JET for admission to the hospitality courses offered by the institute.

Students must take the exam with pen and paper and qualify for admission. NCHMCT PG - Students must take the NCHMCT PG entrance exam to enter graduate hospitality courses. In addition to your merit in the entrance exam, the authorities will also verify the other eligibility criteria for admission. CAT: Common Admission Test or CAT is a nationwide managerial entrance exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Management, that is,.

The IIM on a rotating basis. For graduate admissions in management, students can try the CAT and be eligible. The GMAT is also accepted: the Graduate Management Admission Exam (GMAT) for admissions. The entrance exam is conducted by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC).

Students can try the NMAT - NMIMS Management Aptitude Test (NMAT) to enter graduate courses in hospitality management. The exam is done in online mode. Within the framework of the Hotel Management course, students will be required to study various subjects at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate courses will consist of general subjects, while in the graduate course more attention will be paid to specialization.

The various subjects that students must study will allow them to have experience in the field of hotel management. The syllabus listed below are the general topics and may vary from institute to institute. Bachelor's Degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management Curriculum Core Course in Food and Beverage Service I Basic Course in Food and Beverage Service II Food and Beverage Service Operations Advanced Food and Beverage Operation I Advanced Food and Beverage Operation II BBA in Hospitality, Travel & Curriculum Tourism Business and Cost Accounting in Tourism Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses Postgraduate in Hotel Management Curriculum Food & Beverage Management & Control Public Relations & Corporate Images After completing an academic year in Hospitality Management, the students will be open to diverse career opportunities. The selection of the type of career will depend on the students according to their preference.

Cabin crew: assists passengers during the flight and performs demonstrations of. Cabin crew members also work to make the flight experience a pleasant one. Their main duty is to serve refreshments, meals, and sell tax-free gifts and items. They are required to address all customer needs.

Guest service officer: normally found in hotels, the work profile consists of greeting customers, issuing keys, collecting payments and more. Sales Coordinator: This work profile deals with customers and their complaints about the sale made from the organization. They are also responsible for coordinating the sales team and making the reports. Cleaning assistant: In this work profile, students should ensure that guests at hotels, motels, or cabins are comfortable.

They are responsible for keeping rooms clean and presentable. Manager: While working as managers, students can be divided into different departments, such as accommodation, restaurant, finance, casino, cruises and more. The manager's main job is to supervise staff and ensure that operations run smoothly. Managing budgets, hygiene controls, improving profitability and more are the job the manager must do.

Travel agent: Interacting with customers and consulting them about the best travel packages is the common job of travel agencies. They are also responsible for booking transportation tickets and accommodation. Event Management: Many students who have studied hotel management opt for this job profile. People who work in event management are responsible for the creation and development of small or large scale events, such as festivals, ceremonies, conferences, parties and more.

Students can gain experience working in an event management company and also open their own later in the future. Catering companies: students can also opt for a job profile in catering companies. After finishing their studies, if they have a talent for cooking, they can start working as chefs. Professional options in customer service are also in demand today.

Airlines and railroads: In this job profile, students can work as cabin crew or railway crew to meet customer needs. Hospitality management graduates are recruited for this job profile, as they specialize in customer management and know how to handle various types of situations in a professional manner. Cultural spaces: hotel management graduates can also work in cultural places such as curators, receptionists and more job profiles. They will be asked to interact with several people who come to visit the cultural sites.

Hotel hospitality: hotels are the largest industry in which hotel management students are recruited. Since there are many departments in the hospitality industry, students can opt for their profiled specialized work, such as managers, front desk, catering, housekeeping, and more. The work profile that the student chooses will end the salary after completing the hotel management course. The salary will also depend on the type of organization they will join.

Students may start with a lower salary, as they are fresher during their training and probation, however, it will gradually increase as they gain experience. Students can also earn higher salaries if they are recruited into major organizations. The different job profiles have tour operator, travel manager, vacation consultant, event manager, etc. Earn Hospitality and Tourism you will find work in hotels, the aviation industry, restaurants, bars, etc.

Where qualified experts are required to help tourists with their trips and their stay in different locations. There are no grading criteria for the SSC CGL exam, but some positions require a minimum score of 60% in any degree course. Therefore, since you scored 72%, you are eligible to take the exam. Be well prepared and check other things, such as the age limit and physical requirements for the test.

IHM Chandigarh - Dr. Ambedkar Institue of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition MS Ramaiah College of Hotel Management, Bangalore Branch, has been successfully sent to your email id The question containing inappropriate or abusive words The question lacks basic details, making it difficult to answer Regular updates from exams, QnA, predictors, university applications & e-books now on your mobile device When you look back on life, this application would have played an important role in laying the foundations for your professional decisions. You don't need to find universities elsewhere, this is the best place in India to learn about universities in India. In addition to the various degree, diploma and certificate courses offered in offline mode, there are many online hotel management courses that offer several e-learning platforms.

Graduates who do not wish to work in administration can pursue a career as a teacher after completing their studies. For students who graduated or postgraduate in Hospitality Management, countless job profiles will open up in a variety of management fields. I want to know about the fee structure of the NIPS School of Hospitality Management in Calcutta for the International Diploma in Hospitality Management. Hotel management education includes not only classroom classes, but also hands-on experience in areas such as administration, service, cleaning, catering, reception operations, and more.

By overseeing administrative tasks in a hotel, casino, or restaurant, management staff ensures that customers receive the best services they have paid for. The online Professional Certificate in Front Desk Management course provides a comprehensive overview of the various approaches to providing first-class customer service. Some of these universities are Servo Hospitality School, Dehradun; Light and Life Academ, Ooty; GD Goenka University, Gurgaon and Alpine Group of Institutes, Dehradun. In my opinion, when it comes to hotel management, the more complete the course, the better you will do in your professional career.

I want to know about the ISHM Kolkata fee structure for the Diploma in Aviation, Hotel and Hospitality Management. There are several Hospitality Management courses where students can choose admission and enter the field. . .

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