How long does it take to study hospitality management?

Start your career in hotel property management around the world by studying best practices in strategic planning, marketing, event operations, business ethics, leadership development and more. The School of Management is no longer accepting applications for this degree program. In hotel management studies, B, P, S. You'll gain critical industry experience through supervised fieldwork on the New York Tech campus and attend educational events and tours at resorts, catering facilities, wineries, casinos and cruise lines.

After 12 years at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Raafat is now the director of the Boca Raton Resort & Club, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. After interning at the InterContinental New York Barclay, Gabriella joined the hotel full time after graduating as its executive director of meetings. As a retention sales specialist for the New York Yankees, Ian works with permanent accounts and manages a multi-million dollar portfolio of current businesses, while generating new revenues. Average base salary for a hotel manager in the US.

UU. (BLS) Tourism is among the top three employers in 32 U.S. states. New York Tech is among the 50 best regional universities in the North.

You'll benefit from connections with alumni and adjunct professors who are managers of some of the biggest names in the industry, or with entrepreneurs who have founded their own businesses in areas related to hospitality. Upon graduation, you'll be well prepared to take on management roles in various hospitality sectors and commercial brands using ethics and environmental responsibility. While traditional undergraduate degrees in hospitality management focus on hotels and restaurants, in this degree you'll also have the opportunity to explore topics such as destination marketing, tourism development and event management. Comprehensive and diverse courses to boost your career in the hospitality industry From accounting to food and beverage management and strategy, the Nolan School offers hospitality courses to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills that will prepare you for your career in the hospitality industry.

Whether it's a fledgling, newly founded hotel or a well-established national restaurant chain, the real estate sector is one of the main concerns of many professionals in the hospitality industry. The Tisch Center of Hospitality prepares students for careers in hospitality, travel and tourism, tourism experience management, hotel and resort management, and hotel real estate development. It can also be helpful to understand the other types of professionals you're likely to interact with as a hotel worker. Before pursuing a career in the hospitality industry, it's important to understand what this industry consists of.

Study systems and processes, quantitative analysis, revenue management, data-based analytics, and other vital business functions in hospitality. Finance is another very important topic that regulates much of the functioning of the hospitality world. You'll study all aspects of the hospitality business in your courses, a minimum of 120 class credits, plus at least 800 field hours and other clubs and activities to develop the knowledge and skills needed to lead in the world's largest and most exciting industry. The hospitality courses at the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hospitality Management form the foundation of their undergraduate learning experience.

As such, anyone who is well acquainted with all the laws and ethical concerns affecting hospitality will be a highly valuable potential employee. Graduates from these programs can also expect to work at the highest levels of the hospitality industry and earn excellent salaries. This is because this particular area of study focuses on what it takes to enter the business and find new ways to expand the business potential of hospitality. When choosing a minor, consider the hospitality work area in which you would like to work, as well as the individual skills involved in that specific area of work.

Regardless of the hospitality area in which you work, there are physical supplies you must have on hand to keep business flowing at the current pace. In addition to the main study routes in hospitality, there are many smaller concentrations that can be the ideal companion for those who are already in the field or want to do so. . .

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