What can i study with hospitality?

There are many other reasons why you should choose to study hospitality. Earning a degree in hospitality management prepares you for a wide variety of careers in different hospitality sectors, allows you to transform the industry with innovative ideas, and offers you exciting global opportunities. A typical hotel management course includes courses in economics, computer applications, service management and planning. Students will learn how to integrate technology into their work, learn about time and effort, and apply business law.

All hotel management courses will have a balance of practical and theoretical classes. During their studies, they will also gain an appreciation of the different aspects of the industry. Whether you're interested in the business side of the industry or the creative side of things, a specialization in this field will provide you with an overview of the hospitality industry. Like all managers, restaurant managers recruit, train and supervise staff, set goals, and address customer inquiries.

Restaurant managers also plan and agree on menus, manage restaurant budgets, and monitor stock levels, while trying to maximize profitability. Restaurant managers must have good business knowledge, flexibility (due to shift work), teamwork skills, and problem-solving skills. Catering managers plan menus, recruit and train staff, and meet with vendors and customers to negotiate prices, schedules and discuss requirements. They also plan and control budgets, manage inventory control, and organize staff shifts and rotations, always complying with health and safety, nutrition and food hygiene requirements.

Conference administrators are responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning and effective management of events, ensuring that all customer requests are met. You'll be in charge of recruiting, training, monitoring and organizing staff, as well as negotiating with suppliers and customers. It is also the task of the conference manager to take responsibility for the sales and networking of the conference center, including branding, promotions and pricing. To become a conference director, you'll need to be able to think quickly, be decisive, pay close attention to detail and manage a team, while remaining calm under pressure.

As with most careers in hospitality, work experience will help you stand out when you apply. Consider working part-time during your career or doing an internship year to gain some experience. If you are passionate about a certain area, you should focus on that area and focus your studies on this field.

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