How long is hospitality management course?

The program consists of 638 hours, divided into 10 courses with 219 lessons (including 150 in evening classes). Depending on the school, undergraduate hotel management programs can last between three and four years. This is usually the Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management, but some universities also offer Bachelor of Arts degrees. A 4-year course will normally involve one year of hands-on learning.

These courses are often offered in conjunction with other related topics. Regardless of whether you choose to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program, a degree in hospitality management will provide you with the skills needed to succeed. The program has 126 credits and ensures that students understand the current problems of the hospitality industry and the communication involved in talking to customers. If you're interested in learning more about a career in Hospitality Management and exploring if LIBI is right for you, learn more on this page for more information.

Associate degree program courses include perspectives in hospitality management, wine and beverage management, culinary arts, and hotel marketing. In addition to 400 hours of hands-on experience, students at both concentrations take courses on food and beverage management, hotel operations, legal issues, marketing and computer applications. The concentration of medical and hospitality care seeks to develop a new type of professional who can contribute to traditional, non-profit environments by complementing the difficult work done by conventional medical staff. Discover courses on competitive strategies, strategic management and advanced topics in strategic management.

Students in both programs take courses in hotel management and leadership, sales and marketing, human resource management and service, and hotel and resort management. With an internship in your back pocket, you'll feel confident pursuing your career in Hospitality Management. In a master's degree certificate program in hospitality management, students can pursue graduate studies without fully enrolling. Trocaire College is located in Buffalo and offers certification and associate degree programs in hospitality management.

Comprehensive and diverse courses to boost your career in the hospitality industry From accounting to food and beverage management and strategy, the Nolan School offers hospitality courses to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills that will prepare you for your career in the hospitality industry. Study systems and processes, quantitative analysis, revenue management, data-based analytics, and other vital business functions in hospitality. The master's program in hotel and tourism management requires students to complete 30 credits of courses on writing strategies, research methods, tourism branding, economic performance analysis and evaluation of the hospitality industry.

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